Meet Bowdy

Meet Bowdy

What’s cookin’ good lookin’? How are you going overseas, being so far away from your fam and mates?

It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. It is going to help me grow into a bigger and better person. I knew I wasn’t going to stick around in the same place for much longer, and everyone will still be there for me no matter what. It was time for something bigger and we are-super driven people. I am a fan of living my bloody best life!


Alright then! Let’s get straight into it. We’re not paying you to put your handsome mug on our Face of the Fellow campaign`n. Why were you keen on getting involved?

My girlfriend does their social media and asked me – she knows what’s good for me (laughs). And I said, sure why not, anything for a good cause.


Is there something about men’s mental health that’s particularly important to you?

I don’t understand the whole “trying to be a man” thing by not speaking about it. That’s the stubbornness and pride in a man coming out. You’re allowed to hurt.


Do you find it easy or a bit of a struggle to talk to someone when you’re feeling down or under a lot of stress?

I find if you can pick and find the right time, then most of the time it is pretty easy for me to talk about. I guess, just let it out, right?


Why do you find it’s easier for you to be open? A fair generalization could be made to say that a majority of guys won’t speak up.

I have the personality where I don’t like to dwell on things; I would prefer to just get what I need to say out there. The problem will never be fixed unless you speak or open up to someone. It’s nice to hear someone tell you everything is going to be okay, and it is so simple to find that support. But if you don’t have that, it dwells and builds to make you think there is actually something wrong.


Have you had a time where a friendly fellow has helped you out on the road to mental fitness?

I used to be a pretty troubled child and reached 19 years old and feeling pretty alone. I had no job, no support, and financial debts. It was a really stressful and hard time. I felt like I had nothing. My dad really helped me get through that; he was there for me. I didn’t go to my friends about it because they were my happy escape to it all, really. Dad’s a legend. We never had much, but his words were more than enough.


Do you think grooming plays a part in your wellbeing?

1000%!! You feel confident! Wake up, shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, and comb my hair straight away. I’ve been getting heaps of compliments on my hair and mo here in the States, but just being well-groomed is what it is! You don’t want to leave it rubbish because… you just don’t.


We’re obviously all for taking care of what’s on the outside. For what counts on the inside, what do you reckon are the behaviours or things to focus on that strengthen mental fitness?

Bob Marley sang, “Every little thing is gonna be alright”. Music is essential. Kick off with a good healthy start to the day. A juice, eggs, nothing heavy. You want to be clear-headed because if you start backwards, the end will end the same. If that makes sense?


For sure. Days can be long and taxing even at the best of times, so giving yourself the best shot at it is a good aim. How do you blow off steam?

I always walk away from the situation and have a good hard think. Don’t give the issue energy or it turns into a snowball. Good fresh air. Find someone and give them a hug. A hug helps.


Ain’t that the truth! Are there any burly fellows you look up to for how they tackle mental fitness?

My mate Tyson, an ex-pro basketball player. He has been through some serious physical trauma and he must have had really strong mental health to keep his head above water when he had to quit his life dream. Now he works in an indigenous basketball organisation. Awesome.


If you could ask any of these questions to another fella, who would that be?

I would like to ask a homeless person.


Why’s that?

Well, I think it’s a worthwhile conversation, good to start thinking about how I’m going and how others might be doing. I guess I’d ask him or her if I thought the support might help them to answer questions they’re trying to figure out. And I’d like to understand what happened on their path, so I could recognise red flags in others to help them before they went down a similar road.


That’s awesome, mate. Love your work. Look forward to checking in again down the track.

Cheers, mate.