Meet Stacheman

Meet Stacheman

1. What’s your name ?

Hugo Saladon

2. What’s your beards name ?


3. In 25 words or less, tell us what you were doing before you tackled these questions or what you are doing after… whatever’s more exciting.

Before, I was at the shop to sell no classical glasses to my customers ! 
And after I m gonna suffer at the gym to have some gains because i am crazy of it with my love ! 

4. Who’s your best mate ? Why? 

My best mate is my love (manon_infit on instagram) because she is my love, my best friend, my confident, my partner

5. What does being Burly mean to you ? 

I think Burly is an english expression but we can translate it in french like a strong man. For me it mean to be strong like a men, physicaly but also mentaly ! To be enough strong to fight against hazards of life and to support all the people with no difference and to help them with some movement like movember for exemple ! A burly man is a REAL man

6. What line of work are you in ? 

I am an Opticien, but not a classic opticien ! I don't sell glasses, i bring to my customers some style, some class, something just for them, not someting that everybody already have ! 

7. What do you do when you’re not working ? 

I take care of my love, take care of my stache and take care of my health, doing lot of sports like gym, squash, biking, skiing and some martial arts like brasilian jiu jitsu ! 

8. Tell us your favourite Burly Fellow product. Why?

My favorite Burly Fellow product is the semi pommade because for now it is the only one I tried ! ^^ And like you can see on my last post on instagram, it is perfect for the control of my hair and stache ! And of course, it smell very good !!

9. When the issue of men’s mental health is mentioned, what springs to mind? Is this something that’s important to you?

Yes I think it is a very important thing to me because a lot of men are alone and they don't have to ! I support Movember every year since 3 years now and I shave my beard to it! To have juste the mustache ! And now it is movember all the year for me ! No men have to be alone, we are a big family and we have to support each other! 

10. Lastly, we’ll present you with this hypothetical situation: 

You’re about to permanently lose your hearing, what’s the last song you listen too before it all shuts down?

I think it would "Under the bridge" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Keep it Playful ! 

Hugo "Stacheman" Saladon

PS: Sorry for my english if there is some mistakes in my lines !